As each human floats unidirectionally in time

As she approaches the impenetrable horizon

Given a final look behind, what does she see?

Is it a wasted life or something else?

Humans are funny

As David Gilmour says,

In the end, it is “only round and round,”

But most go around the round forever

What is the value of human existence?

Given an unavoidable time constraint

It appears low in reality but generally miscalculated

It may not be that simple

If one sees far and wide, around the planet

As she sees death and destruction due to greed and ignorance


As nearly 8 billion cover and the remaining count their coins, it is clear humanity has reached a discontinuity. It is time anybody who wants to play a part in the future to step in. Unfortunately, there is no money in it, just sheer satisfaction. As hearts break looking into the eyes of those who want to succeed but cannot, it is time to care.

Everyone given less than 30K days of entitlement, it is really puzzling why humans act the way they do. What is that an individual wants to accomplish? As they carry 99.99% of the genes of…

As the world breaks into pieces

As the vaccinated appear superior to those who can’t get vaccines

As the ones who have access, decline it

I am crying alone

As the developed shun the developing

To their way to churches, temples and mosques

As the missiles get longer ranges and the politicians less so

I am crying alone

As the academics fight with each other

And the politicians make out and then do insider trading

As policy deteriorates to dress-making

I am crying alone

As the supreme judge asserts his independence

As the “Rhodes Scholar,” plots the next take down

Humans appear to hold history as valuable or at least useful. History, however, likely has a negative value for humans as it seems to constrain present thoughts or bias future actions. This is likely a result of high utility of the same at inception with little preceding data. However, the incremental low utility of history was lost on humans trying to imbibe every bit of it.

As literature, art and even science muddle human thoughts, as those present attribute indefensible value to ancestral ideas, as education thrive at the cost of emerging thoughts, as history help to divide and conquer…

As I walked out to take off-stump guard

I knew there was trouble ahead

As the ball flew past my left ear making a whizzing noise

I knew it will not be too long for the long walk back to the pavilion

Then there was the sweet sound of the willow meeting red leather

Accidental, I believe, but then the ball raised to the boundary

I raised my bat as if I did it intentionally

For those in the stands, it would not have mattered

As I ducked and swayed away from danger

To protect my body and the ego…

Rationality is often considered a good trait. After all in the age of reason and logic, rationality has to be top shelf. Nobel laureate Herbert Simon attempted to reign in the enthusiasm by suggesting that rationality is bounded or limited. He suggested that the cognitive abilities of humans are limited and humans are not really capable of optimal decisions but just satisfactory ones. Hidden behind this proposal is the assumption that rationality is a universal property and that optimal decisions are derivable.

An alternative to this view is that rationality is a personal construct and what was advanced as reason…

As pain and tribulation set in at the cross roads of Central and South Asia, as thirty million people struggle to mend the past and let the future in, as the West leave, the East hesitate and the rest roil in apathy, as tears roll down the cheeks of children and women, play cricket, Afghanistan.

It is Rashid Khan, Right Arm Over the Wicket. That spun like never before. Winning against Ireland and Bangladesh is not enough, it is just a matter of time before the world bows. Wipe the tears out and play cricket. It is a game that…

A definition for consciousness has eluded humanity from the moment they realized something has changed. As she climbed down from the tree and tiptoed across the African savannah, it became clear that she could see herself and nature in a hitherto unknown context. She called it consciousness but failed to define it for 100K years. It remains a grand puzzle, one that captures the attention of philosophers, scientists and even ordinary men and women.

As the proponents of the impending singularity scramble to find the exact date on which their machines will reach the stage the human attained some 100K…

The human, arguably the most destructive life form on Earth, has been riding downhill from inception. They rape, kill and pillage to satisfy their highly localized objective functions. The modern variety appears the most potent, devising a plethora of segmentation schemes based on surface features like the color of skin and hair, demographic characteristics such as age and gender, wealth, religions, countries, cultures, languages and even sport to fight against one another. These are hard constraints imposed on humanity by those on the right side of the dividing line. Those proud of evolution may need to think again, as human…

Finland, possibly the only advanced society on the face of Earth, holds the last hope for 8 billion people on the blue planet. A mere 6 million people have created a system that appears to maximize happiness for all. What makes Finland work?

  1. Egalitarianism: The idea that everybody is equal and deserves the same initial conditions that maximizes the chance of success.
  2. Education and healthcare: Two public goods with enormous returns to society have been equally accessible to everybody.
  3. Collaboration, not competition: A firm belief in the idea that collaboration creates higher value than outright competition.
  4. A constraint on ego…

Gill Eapen

Gill Eapen is the founder and CEO of Decision Options ®, Mr. Eapen has over 30 years of experience in strategy, finance, engineering, and general management

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