Five remaining questions

  1. Why does life exist? Scientists wasted a century focused on the wrong questions such as how life originated. This process focus resulted in brilliant people running around in circles, never reaching anywhere. The foundational question is the Why. And that can only likely be answered by Physics. There are tantalizing clues in thermodynamics but it may need more time to substantiate, time humans may not have.
  2. Why do biological systems demonstrate empathy? This is most puzzling as this odd property sub-optimizes the system that appears to follow a routine to a simple objective function — energy consumption and replication. The biological automatons seem to have gotten inefficient over time, picking up such bad properties as empathy, not all, but a subset. Here, known Mathematics fails, perhaps giving a sniff to the need for new Math but then humans may not have the time to reach there.
  3. Is the universe bounded? The near flatness of the universe in the data points to an infinite construct. It however has no practical implications as the known Physics imposes the speed limit on information travel. As far as humans are concerned, this simply means that their avenues to reach new information will continue to narrow as the universe expands. So, the boundary question is more of a thought experiment, albeit an important one.
  4. Are we in a simulation? This is, arguably, the least interesting question as a simulated entity cannot prove or disprove its simulated environment. However, as a thought experiment, it may prove valuable as humans check out. Those who feel guilty of wasting a life may feel less sad as simulation implies programmed outcomes with little influence from the participants.
  5. How much time is left for humans? This is likely the hardest question with no clear answers. As 8 billion near clones of Homo-Sapiens spend most of their time trying to figure out how to kill their brothers and sisters on such excuses as country, color, language and religion, it appears that we are fast approaching the inevitable.



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Gill Eapen

Gill Eapen

Gill Eapen is the founder and CEO of Decision Options ®, Mr. Eapen has over 30 years of experience in strategy, finance, engineering, and general management