The escape

Gill Eapen
2 min readJun 20, 2021


As I sat by the waters edge, watching those catching fish and barnacles

I thought of people, religion and those who intellectualize about both

Some win Nobel prizes and others return without much in the boat

Is this God’s plan or just a probabilistic outcome?


As the world spins in distress

As the Catholics fight the Jews, the Hindus and the Muslims

I heard some say religion is good and others fall prey to it

Is it me or my confused brain?


As I stood up on the heart of the third world

Ready to leap for the future and leave everything behind

Was it my decision or those of who want me to succeed?

Is it rational to look back or are they just moments of lapse of reason?


As my brain cells start to hurt attempting to break out of the empty space

I could hear noises at a distance and blurred images closer

As billions perish without food and vaccines

Others stand in line for the latest automobiles and mobile phones


Is it me in my head or rationality and intellectualization?

Could I empathize as I seek to optimize my portfolio?

Am I human or just an artifact?

Can I escape from the meaningless arguments?



Gill Eapen

Gill Eapen is the founder and CEO of Decision Options ®, Mr. Eapen has over 30 years of experience in strategy, finance, engineering, and general management